2019 Best Compact Binocular Award

BestBinocularsReviews.com is the leading binocular review website on the internet. Run by a former safari guide, he produces in-depth and extremely knowledgeable reviews on all binoculars for all purposes.

He recently announced the 2019 Best Binocular Awards, and Steiner is very pleased that the Steiner BluHorizons won "Best Compact Binoculars"

Here are two paragraphs from the excellent and in-depth review:

"The very low level of fuzziness or softening right that is observable at the edges of the view is impressive on these Steiner binoculars and in my experience I would say is about as good as you could hope for at this price range."

"The view through these binoculars is excellent for a binocular in this size class. The way they adapt in bright light is subtle, but it really works and the image is more vibrant and less washed out than a similar alternative. However, in bad light, the image does look a little darker but having said that, no compact is ideal for use in low light anyway."